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Step-by-step guide to sell your apartment in a short time

sell your apartment

I want to sell my apartment. If you have already decided, then it is time to review all the protocols to do so. Take care of your personal assets knowing all the requirements to sell your property quickly and safely.

I want to sell my apartment: Tips to achieve it

If you want to sell your apartment, prepare every corner of your property and check the gas and electricity installations, also verify that there are no leaks; Likewise, observe the foundations to prevent humidity and paint the walls.

Repair broken floors and worn finishes, the key is to present your apartment in optimal conditions, emotional value is usually the biggest magnet and it starts from the first impression with a good presentation of your apartment.

Apartments for rent are residential units that are available to lease for a certain period of time. They come in different sizes and layouts, from small studio apartments to large multi-bedroom units. These apartments can be furnished or unfurnished, and may offer amenities such as parking, laundry facilities, and fitness centers. Renting an apartment typically involves signing a lease agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and any other fees or requirements.

When you say to yourself, I want to sell my apartment, this means  preparing your property before each visit, do not forget the small details such as cleaning, lighting, even the aroma.

If you have already made the decision and say: I want to sell my apartment!,  then take note of the steps to do it

  1. Set a suitable price
  2. Gather the necessary documentation
  3. Avoid signing documents without real estate advice
  4. Use the necessary promotion resources
  5. Organize your time for visits

Set a suitable price

I want to sell my apartment; It means making a general evaluation of the property, that is, you should not set a price without considering various factors such as:

  • Location
  • Builded surface
  • Type of property: used or new
  • Level of development of the area: urban equipment and its offer of services
  • Antiquity

Saying I want to sell my apartment can be overwhelming when it comes to pricing; however, you can go to the commercial appraisal ; which is a document made by a certified professional, who considers the value of the construction and the land; as well as the surplus value, the development of the area, inflation and the price in the real estate market.

Gather the necessary documentation

If the decision is I want to sell my apartment, then prepare the following documentation:

Documentation to sell your apartment

When you want to sell your apartment you must gather the following documentation; which you must present in original and copy 

  • Seller Official ID
  • Deed registered in the Public Registry of the Public
  • Property payments for the last 3 years
  • location sketch
  • Receipts for services such as electricity, telephone and gas
  • If your apartment is in a condominium, it is necessary to present proof of no debts
  • If you acquired the apartment while married, it is important that your partner signs all the documents

Use the right promotion resources

If your wish is: to sell your apartment quickly. Visit a real estate company that has an adequate digital infrastructure and perhaps right now you are wondering, what will that real estate be?

Visit the real estate website; which must have digital tools so you can view the plans with its architectural distribution of the property, photographs with good lighting.

Remember that your potential buyers can be visual, because you must inspire and attract with the images; as well as virtual tours and digital marketing strategies such as the production of relevant content for the audience.

I want to sell my apartment; but you don’t have a lot of time; Then it’s time to call the realtor. They show your apartment to the right buyers; They also help you negotiate the terms for the sale and carry out all the necessary legal procedures with truthfulness and transparency.

organize your time

It is very important to organize your time and show a patient and friendly attitude. Answer all the questions and highlight the benefits of acquiring your apartment; as well as the advantages of the area.

Making the decision to sell an apartment may be for you a desire to do it quickly; however, use empathy and consider that for your potential buyers it is a decision that takes a lot of time.

Avoid making visits in a hurry and get used to receiving calls throughout the day at any time; usually people can call you after their workday.

Carry out a control of visits and find out what was the means by which they contacted you; in this way you will be able to know which is the most effective channel to find your buyers.

Avoid signing documents without advice 

I want to sell my apartment; It is a decision that you should consult with a real estate advisor or go to a notary before signing any type of document such as private contracts or promises of sale; without prior consultation with a notary.

In the event of breach of any contract for various reasons such as non-payment, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) may not intervene as it is a matter between individuals.

If there is any breach of contract, you must visit the Superior Court of State Justice in Mexico City in order to hire the services of a lawyer to demand full compliance with the contract.


Selling a property is risky if you do not dedicate yourself or know the real estate market. The sales process involves a series of procedures that you must take care of in detail to avoid unfavorable surprises. Take care of your heritage and ensure a good sale.

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