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5 Pro Tips for Taking Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Have you thought about selling your house, but advertising it is costing you work? Images or photographs of a house are a key piece to be able to sell it. That is why today we tell you about architectural photography.

Before entering the world of photography and specifically architectural photography to sell your house, we are going to mention some definitions of this topic.

Since if we focused directly on the category of real estate photography there would be many gaps that we will need to fill in to fully understand how photography is an important part when putting a house or property up for sale .

In this article we will talk about architectural photography, we will give its definition, some tips on taking photos with this technique and then we will focus on architectural photography that will help you sell your house .

What is architectural photography

Architectural photography is a discipline of photography that is responsible for capturing spaces and elements designed by man.

The elements can be from the exterior of buildings, houses, parks or constructions of different types , but you can also focus on capturing elements and details of the interiors of constructions.

Types of architectural photography

Architectural photography is divided into 3 categories that we will summarize below

  • Landscape and exterior photography – Architectural exterior photography is used to show the facade of the building, as well as the surroundings. This is very important because it provides the context of the space in which the construction is located.
  • Architectural photography with abstract composition – This type of architectural photography is the most artistic because the composition of the photo is guided by the subjective eye of the photographer and generates deep images, thanks to the dynamics between textures and patterns that the photographer highlights.

If architectural photography focuses on highlighting the reality of structures, the abstract approach seeks to show something beyond what the eye sees, that is, a content hidden from the naked eye and with a high aesthetic level.

  • Interior Photography – This type of architectural photography focuses primarily on the interior of buildings. To master this type of photography it is important to have good light management, this will allow you to project the atmosphere of the place and give depth to the space. 

Interior photography is one of the most common to promote house sales, business promotion such as restaurants, hotels, etc.

Architectural photography requires effort to capture spaces and constructions as they are seen in reality. 

To take a good architectural photograph, it is necessary to use various tools and for a professional photographer this should not be a problem, but for those of us who do not have experience in this type of capture, we must use some tools to achieve the best results.

Architectural Photography Equipment 

As you increase your experience, you will be able to use new support tools. However, there are some very practical ones that will help you capture what you want to show of the house you want to sell.


full frame reflex camera

As what is going to be captured are large objects and spaces, your SLR camera needs to have a wide dynamic range sensor, this will be very helpful. You should use this type of camera with the right lenses for each composition. 

optical bench camera

Before the advent of digital cameras, these were the only cameras with which you could take architectural photos. The movements obtained with its assembly allow correcting the lines and leaks in the capture, this is very important for architectural photography.

micro 4/3 camera

This camera has a sensor smaller than a full frame camera, but large enough to take good shots with architectural photography. This is a good option for those who start in this field of photography. Adding a quality lens, this camera will allow you to take excellent photographs.


The tripod or tripod is a very helpful tool for architectural photography. Using it in conjunction with a remote control will help you a lot in dimly lit spaces or to be able to capture long exposures, in order to capture ambient light.

Ball head tripods are best in these cases, as you can position the camera at different angles and positions. 


If we are going to capture structures such as buildings or houses, you should know that it is best to use wide-angle type lenses or lenses. However, you must pay attention to the millimeter to avoid the characteristic distortions of this type of lens. 

For these cases it is recommended to use offset lenses, also known as tilt shift. These allow you to improve the perspective of the image and prevent the photographed structure from appearing distorted.

Bubble level

In architectural photography it is important to show spaces from a frontal and flat perspective. The spirit level is a simple, yet efficient tool that will help you keep the camera parallel to the ground and properly capture all the lines of the structure. 


Although it is better to be able to take advantage of natural light to photograph interiors, there will be times when we will not have it at our disposal. 

For these cases it is necessary to have a flash that allows us not only to show the environment, but also to give depth to the room that is portrayed and you will highlight the details. 

polarized filter

Polarized filters are a good tool to avoid unexpected reflections on the glass. They will also allow you to increase the contrast between the building and the sky (if shooting outdoors).

It is a simple accessory, but in practice it can be of great help.

5 Architectural Photography Tips to Sell Your House

All the photographs that you show of your property are the main tool you have in the process of selling your house, as they serve to arouse the interest of any potential buyer. 

For example, when a potential client finds your house for sale online , the first thing they see in detail is the photo. That is why it is very important to know how to take photos of real estate, so you can get the most out of them. 

Although we have already mentioned some of the cameras that are ideal for this type of photography to sell your home, it is not necessary to have the best camera on the market to make your real estate photography look like it was done by a professional.

If you take into account the advice that we will give you below, you will learn to take good photos in a simple way and with the tools that are within your reach. With good architectural photos of exteriors and interiors of your property, you will be able to sell your house faster.

1. Your best photograph should be the one that stands out

When you publish the advertisement of your house for sale you have to highlight a photograph, this will be the one that appears first and in the largest size so you have to pay more attention to this image. 
The objective is to attract attention, for that you have to choose the photo where the most striking room is shown, which is usually the living room or the kitchen.

If the most striking part of your house is the exterior, the best image is usually the facade or include the garden. As it is an outdoor image, try to take the photo on a day with good weather.
If you feel that no exterior photograph deserves to be the highlight, try to show the kitchen, this is one of the parts of the house that generates the most emotional connection in a buyer. 

2. Include several photos of each part of the house

It is almost impossible for all the corners of the house to appear in a single photo, especially the large spaces. That is why it is better to take all the necessary photos to cover all the spaces.

In this way the potential client will be able to get an idea of ​​what the house is like. It is not necessary that you take an infinity of photos, in different positions, because otherwise it will be very repetitive.

3. Take a good number of photos

Continuing with the idea of ​​the previous point, take at least 2 photos of each part of the house, including the bathrooms. In this way the potential buyer will be able to see different perspectives and give a better idea of ​​what the house is like.

You should not saturate the person who is viewing the ad, so you do not need to have 5 photos per room. What matters is the quality of the photos in your ad, not the quantity.

4. Include photos of the exterior and the area

It is important that if the property is in a condominium or in a housing complex, it is best to capture the exterior, the facade and some good photos of the area or the environment. All these details give value to the house.

Thus, whoever sees your ad will know what the environment is in which it is located and what possibilities it has to arrive or if it is convenient for them to acquire that property.

5. Try to make the house appear tidy

On many occasions there are those who sell their house furnished and add photos with the house all messy, with objects out of place and even dirty. It is very important to take real photos but with ordered elements inside the house.


Now that you know some tips on how to take the best architectural photography, you just have to get to work. You will see that having attractive architectural photographs will make it faster for you to sell your house. 

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