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How to Ensure the Safety of Your Construction Workers

The construction industry accounts for many jobs around the world, and jobs within this industry will always be in demand. However, the nature of the job can be extremely dangerous. Both employers and employees will need to practice the best safety measures so that they can remain safe on-site but also limit the number of threats that may be problematic to their co-workers.

As a leader of construction workers, ensuring the safety of your construction workers should be high-up, if not at the top of your list of duties. Wondering how you can look after the health and well-being of your workers? Consider the following tips.

Make Sure Employees Have the Proper Safety Gear

The correct personal protective equipment (PPE) could stand between a minor injury and one that has a long-term impact or even cause fatality to a person or persons. You need to research the equipment needed for your employees and whether you need to invest in gear for specific jobs and types of machinery. However, the most typical pieces of PPE include:

Train each worker how to use and wear the PPE correctly, and also inspect the quality to ensure it is fit for purpose. For example, cracked safety goggles open up the potential of an eye injury that could have catastrophic consequences.

Have Regular Health and Safety Training

All construction workers are required to undergo proper, certified training before they can set foot on a construction site. This is not only so that they can keep themselves protected but also increase the safety of other construction workers. For instance, someone who doesn’t know how to operate a piece of machinery properly can accidentally injure a co-worker who is beside them or passing by.

Look online for the best health and safety training available to you and your workers. Keep all workers up to date with the latest safety measure by holding monthly meetings and sending out weekly or bi-weekly newsletters.

Inspect Tools and Equipment

Unsafe or broken tools have higher risks of causing harm and serious injury to workers, so checking the quality of the tools and machinery being used is essential if you are to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. Remember that the construction industry has more risks associated with it than any other industry, with approximately tens of thousands of construction workers suffering from an injury in 2019/20 – a statistic that is notably higher than any other industry injury rate.

Reiterate with your workers that although it is your responsibility to ensure that they are provided with the best working machinery possible, that they also have a duty of care when it comes to reporting and malfunctioning equipment. If your tools or machinery are already malfunctioning, maybe it’s time to replace them to avoid causing injury. You may also rent equipment like a sand blasting machine if you do not often use it. There are companies that allow you to rent these good quality machines at a reasonable price.

Have Open Lines of Communication

Construction workers will need to openly communicate with one another when on a construction site. This could be signifying if the equipment is faulty, whether they are moving building materials from A to B, or if they require help and assistance. Employers and workers need to be aware of any potential hazards so that they can go about their jobs without the increased risk of being injured.

Speak to your team about proper safety measures in the construction industry and whether there is any room for improvement. Be sure to provide your workers with the proper safety gear and enroll them in health and safety training that will highlight the dos and don’ts on a construction site. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your workers safe.

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