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What insurance do trades people need?


Being your own boss has so many perks – job security, a great work life balance and getting to choose the jobs you’d like to do. You have a passion for what you do and love helping people. Few people get such job satisfaction.

As a professional tradesperson, customers can rely on you to complete a host of important jobs. But who can you rely on when you need help? Whilst accidents can happen from time to time, who’s there to help you if and when the time comes. For example, if you get injured, have your equipment stolen, or a claim is made against you, you’ll want peace of mind that you are protected.

Plus, there are many employers, trade associations, local authorities and customers who simply won’t do business with you unless you can show proof that you have insurance in place.

That’s why having a robust insurance policy, which is easy to understand and tailored to your individual needs is a good idea. And in exchange for a small investment every month, you have insurance designed to cover you for any mishaps.

The different types of insurance

There are so many insurance providers, policies and level of cover, that it can feel overwhelming when choosing insurance. And who has time to scroll through a list of insurance companies? Time is money. So, it’s always best to choose an insurance company who are experts in tradespeople just like you.

Here are the main types of insurance available for tradespeople. But if you’d like cover right away, Trade Direct Insurance has over 30 years of trading, a dedicated UK based team and can provide a jargon-free quick quote in under a minute.

  • Public liability insurance– designed to cover you for compensation and legal costs if a member of the public is injured, or has their property damaged, and makes a claim against you.
  • Professional indemnity insurance – if a customer suffers financial loss or damage due to issues with poor work or service, or misleading information – this type of insurance can help to protect you against any claims.
  • Tools insurance – levels of packages can vary but you can choose insurance to help you with the cost of replacing tools and equipment which are stolen in transit or onsite.
  • Accident and sickness insurance–if you are injured or sick, and unable to work – choosing this type of protection can help you to receive an income to pay your bills.
  • Employer’s liability– designed to pay legal costs if your employees get injured, sickor die as a result of working for you and your business.

Why do builders need insurance?

For builders there is the potential for accidents and damage every day. So, insurance for builders is worth your while. A trip over a toolbox (yep, we’ve been there too), a fall off a ladder or a theft from your van can cause problems for you and your business. But with builder’s insurance, you stand a better chance of being protected against those problems. A quick call to your chosen provider and you’ll have a no fuss quick quote in no time.

A plumber’s insurance needs

The same goes for plumbers. You have to work in some pretty challenging environments; some might say you’re a bit of a superhero! You’re called to emergency floods and leaks to fix your customer’s disasters. But what about your own misfortunes? If you were to damage a customer’s property – how would you pay the compensation or the legal costs? Would your savings alone be enough?

Insurance for electricians

The safety regulations you comply with protect you and your customers. But even the most skilled electricians have accidents now and again. Recent figures from HSE suggest that 38.8 million working days are lost every year in the UK to work-related illness and workplace injuries. It’s a distressing thought, but you don’t need to worry. Having the right type of insurance can cover you in situations like this.

What’s the cost of insurance for tradespeople?

Cost and cover vary hugely and will depend on a number of factors – type of trade, location, size of business, your equipment and the level of cover you need.

What happens when you make a claim?

It can be an upsetting time when you suffer an injury, a loss or are faced with a hefty compensation claim. And often, you won’t know where to begin. An experienced and specialised insurance company will be will able to help you every step of the way. You will be asked some relevant questions and may need to provide certain information. But you should always be treated with care and respect.

Is insurance public liability insurance compulsory?

No, its not a legal requirement in the UK. But it is sensible and expected by customers. In fact, most will insist on it. The only insurance required by law, if you have employees – is employers liability insurance. Speak to your insurance provider if you are unsure about your policy as there are sometimes exceptions.

Do other trades benefit from insurance?

Yes. Carpenters, bricklayers, gardeners, cleaners and everyone in between. Here’s a list of specialist insurance for tradespeople.

For reliable insurance for over 70 recognised trades including plumbers, electricians and builders, visit Trade Direct Insurance.

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