First and foremost, as a construction company, you must be present at the very beginning, during the inspiration piece . This is where the trust should begin. You have to showcase your products on the online channels in practice. In other words: show what your products and / or services are for. Apply them to real life and then spread it on the channels where people look for inspiration. Initially this is on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. The website will only be discussed at a later stage.

A brief outline when the need to renovate is activated:

Someone has collected dozens of pins about bathrooms in recent months. When at some point he is on the toilet, he scrolls through those nice pictures because he got a notification that someone liked his pin. Then he looks up and sees the bathroom tiles that he has been tired of for five years. Only then will the need be activated.
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As a construction company, you have to spread your best achievements, save energy, spread your top 5 of most beautiful walk-in showers on your social channels. The possibilities are endless.

Next step in your new marketing plan? If you can visually inspire people in this way, you can then draw them in in terms of content . This will further deepen your confidence and you can also show blogs, guides or how-to videos. For example, someone who is involved in insulation could write a blog post with tips to lower the energy bill by insulating in some way.

The human component is also extremely important. So make sure that there are reviews and reviews on your products and / or services .Would you pay € 80 for one night in a hotel with a review score of 5.4 where you read in the reviews that it is noisy on the street at night? You would pay € 80 for one night in a hotel with a review score of 9.2 where you read in the reviews that the food would not be out of place in a star establishment.

This is no different in the construction sector. If someone places a review with a walk-in shower that the installation was child’s play and that this new shower brought down the energy bill, the consumer is more inclined to order that walk-in shower. So put customer satisfaction and word of mouth on a large scale during your marketing efforts if you want to stand out among your competitors in the construction industry .

Last but not least: valorize your online leads as much as offline leads . When a consumer enters a showroom somewhere, a salesperson approaches him within a second and frees him up. This does not happen online. When someone fills out a form online, there is often no response. While that person actually says, ” Hey, I’m interested in your services and may want to buy something from you .” Hallucinatory right? That is the same as if someone is standing at the checkout with a product and being ignored. If you don’t do that offline, why do it online?


Construction Digital Marketing should stop once and for all by just saying what they do in their marketing approach . Rather identify problems and ensure that your products and / or services solve them. Take a walk-in shower now. People buy a walk-in shower because it is beautiful, practical and has no steps. If providers know that space, efficiency and comfort are important for walk-in showers, they have to translate that. They must make consumers feel that their products and / or services solve problems.
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The construction companies have one common factor: say how fantastic they are. Why don’t they make people feel like they are thinking along? In this way they can provide them with the best solution based on the most objective information possible…
– Marc Waelbers

So come out of your ivory tower, talk about the problems that consumers have and offer solutions.


Online contact options must run smoothly before someone can enter into a relationship with you. Only when the relationship is strong enough can you get business out of it. We see that most construction companies have not yet really embraced the online hatch . And we understand that a bit. They have other things to do than to be on Facebook. Yet they really should not ignore the online part. A few tips:

• Be inspiring: show realizations and projects.
• Have reviews available: testimonials can make or break your business.
• Speak human language: avoid technical terms or abbreviations.
• Don’t talk about how good you are, but show it.
• Respond to online requests as soon as you can.
With these tips you can optimize your communication strategy, but there is so much more. Would you like to know what? Then download the eBook below and discover how you can grow with inbound marketing .

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