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Choosing the best time for your air conditioning installation

Choosing the best time for your air conditioning installation

When it comes to buying new air conditioning, Perth and Northern Suburbs the best time of year is actually when you might not actually need it! Off-season is best for several reasons, you tend to get cheaper systems as sellers offer deals in their slow season, and the people that install them are less busy and more likely to be able to come at the best time for you and also offer discounts. That means if you can plan ahead, think about getting your air conditioning in the cooler months of spring and autumn. Here is a closer look at why.

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Make more savings in the winter when buying the system

The high demand for air conditioners happens in the hotter months when people have that immediate need for relief. As a result, while there are some deals happening at this time, they are not as good as the ones you can get during the cooler months. Often retailers of air conditioners find they are overstocked especially with window units and to encourage customers to buy at that time since they do not physically need it yet, great discounts become available. You might be buying last year’s model so you get a discount again. 

Even if you like to browse and shop online, the best time for buying is when it is cooler. It also gives you a chance to consider the options without feeling you have to rush into it because your home is so unbearably hot!

Best installation times are spring or autumn

During winter and summer HVAC installers are at their busiest times. HVAC in winter for heating, and in the summer for air conditioning. Therefore to avoid having delayed installation times, being given times that are a month from when you called and to have more bargaining power you should try to have the system installed in spring or autumn. Get better installation deals on the prices, quicker installation times and less stressed service people! See if they can throw in a free upgrade for your thermostat or whether they will lower their bid as you discuss costs. Tell them you have several bids for air conditioning, Perth and Northern Suburbs and they are more likely to give a competitive price.

Other things to think about

Central systems versus window units – Will you be buying individual window units for each room or a central air conditioning system? While individually the window units are cheaper, even if you buy more than one, a central system offers efficiency. If you are renting then the window unit option is more in line with your living situation. If you own the home why not invest in a central system? While the initial installation and cost are higher, over the years you will save.    

Getting the right size and power – The size and power of the window unit or type of central system you get depend on how large your home is, and how big each room is that you want to cool. However, it is true that the more powerful the unit the more costly it is. You do not want to buy something too small and find it is ineffective, but you also do not want something too powerful. That is where finding a great air conditioning company comes in handy. You can give them your plans, measurements and layout and talk to them about what you are hoping for. They can then show you what they have and what each will bring and what might be best. Keep in mind that higher-powered machines are also more expensive to run.     

Saving money on your energy bills – In addition to getting the best air conditioning Perth and Northern Suburbs you need to think about your energy bills, and your carbon footprint. You can find energy-efficient air conditioning units today that not only help the environment, they also save you money on your energy bills. Other tricks include just setting it a degree or 2 higher than you want. Also, keep the shades drawn on sunny days to stop the heat entering. Turn off fans in bathrooms and kitchen when you are not in there. 


The best times of year to buy new air conditioning, Perth and Northern Suburbs is anytime other than the hottest months if you want to get a better deal. If you are looking to get the latest model though you might want to wait till late Spring. If you are looking for an installation get it in spring or autumn. Whatever system you get, make sure you listen to the installer’s advice on care. Filters need replacing or cleaning, for example. When it is looked after properly it is less likely to need repairs!

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