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5 Video Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Video Marketing

Learn about the main characteristics that your video marketing strategy for real estate must have.

What 5 Video Marketing Strategies for real estate should I know?

Video marketing for real estate is a technique in which the real estate consultant uses audiovisual material to promote a brand, service or product.

Something important to make clear is that video marketing for real estate is not an exclusive online marketing strategy , since it can also be applied to other communication sectors. A free video creator can be a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to craft engaging and cost-effective video content to enhance their marketing efforts.

There are several videomarketing strategies for real estate , which can be worked on in the advertising proposal to reach more potential customers, these are:

  1. Advertising videos : it is the video marketing for real estate based on advertisements that are usually found on television, but that can also be distributed through online media.
  2. Corporate videos: it is the videomarketing for real estate where the values ​​of the company, the facilities and the workers are shown. These contents try to capture the corporate culture in images.
  3. Portfolio videos: it is video marketing for real estate where examples of the company’s work are shown.
  4. Demonstration videos of services: it is the videomarketing for real estate, where the advantages of a product or service and its main characteristics are shown.

They serve as audiovisual reinforcement to express the value proposition of the product and thus encourage sales; especially if you are looking for personal marketing strategies to improve your profile as a real estate consultant .

Individual videos can be created for each product, for each part or feature of the product, or a general video of the company’s catalog.

5. Training videos and video tutorials: this is video marketing for real estate where you work with explanatory content that seeks to publicize some functionality of the company’s services or products, or offer training on topics related to it, so that the company or the professional is positioned as an expert in the sector.

Thanks to new technologies, today creating video marketing for quality real estate is easier than ever.

Depending on the technique used to make the video, we will find real-image videos or animated infographics, although it is common to combine several techniques in the same video.

What are the video platforms in which I must have a presence?

There are several social networks and platforms where companies can develop their video marketing strategy for real estate. Depending on the objectives and the target audience of the company, it will be interesting to use one or the other.


It is the main consumer video marketing platform for real estate on the Internet, the best valued social network and the second most used after Facebook (by 66% of Internet users according to IAB).

The growth of YouTube is unstoppable, and in addition to being able to develop our own channel with interesting content on video marketing for real estate, we can manage ads for our business to appear with a short spot in the videos of others, through YouTube Ads.


It is another video marketing platform for real estate, but it has a more professional image than YouTube, so it is often used for corporate videos and also by image professionals such as wedding photographers and videographers.


Instagram, in addition to the possibility of uploading videos to normal publications and their stories, live and recorded, also offers the possibility of generating content on video marketing for real estate of more than 60 seconds that are uploaded and displayed through it. Instagram app, or IGTV’s own .

They can be up to 15 minutes long when uploaded from a mobile, and up to 60 minutes when uploaded from a computer.

On the other hand, in your video marketing strategy for real estate, you must take into account other points to be successful, in addition to the content that you are going to create.

What other features should I consider?

Working with a video marketing strategy for real estate has the advantage that, according to its results, you can learn what is most successful among your potential clients and those who already are, so it is essential to take the following points into account:

  • Engagement : video marketing for real estate will allow you to transmit a message in an original way. The contents that work on storytelling, humor and appeal to the emotions of the users, both positive and negative, especially work.
  • Message : A message conveyed through video marketing for real estate can use various resources to convey it, such as: image, music, voiceover and text.
  • Memorability : since the message that is transmitted using video marketing for real estate reaches the client through several senses at the same time, sight and hearing, and it is proven that this favors its memorability. Users remember a brand much more if they have seen a video of it.
  • Consumption : the consumption of video marketing for real estate is very easy and convenient, so users usually associate it with leisure and are more receptive. It is easier to capture the attention of users with audiovisual content than with text content.
  • Virality : video marketing for real estate is more likely to be shared and, in addition, it favors engagement and can become viral content more easily.
  • Purchase : Working videomarketing for branded real estate increases conversion. It has been proven that video marketing for real estate helps in the purchase decision, since they allow a better conception of the appearance and operation of the product or service.
  • SEO : Video marketing for real estate hosted on platforms like YouTube is relatively easy to position in the first pages of Google results.

But in addition, a page that contains video marketing for real estate, can also obtain SEO benefits, on the one hand, it increases the time spent on it thanks to the reproduction of the video and on the other, if it is shared, links will be obtained for the web. .

  • Referral Traffic : Content hosted on real estate video marketing platforms is a source of traffic for the company’s website.


We hope that with this note you will have a clearer idea of ​​how to create and distribute your real estate video marketing materials, in order to reach more potential clients in an effective way.

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