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How to improve your networking in the real estate sector

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Real estate networking is a way of creating a network of contacts within the sector in order to enhance the opportunities of achieving sales closings. 

Surely as a real estate advisor you already do real estate networking ; however, it is important to do it strategically. Relationships are a key part of achieving more sales closings, but in a constant and continuous way. 

Real estate networking is a strategy that allows you to find new clients, meet experts in the field of real estate.

The goal is to build solid professional relationships, making constant communication is a crucial element for the proper development of real estate networking.

Benefits of real estate networking 

You can be an independent real estate consultant or work directly in a real estate company ; however, networking will always be necessary to build a successful career path; Among its advantages are:

  • Establish business links from different professional fields
  • Increase the portfolio of potential clients for future sales closings
  • Exchange up-to-date and truthful information on the real estate market
  • Find strategic allies to increase your sales
  • Expand your knowledge because it allows you to interact with experts in matters of your interest. 

How can you start real estate networking? 

Start by attending real estate events; the best time is the coffee break to socialize, integrate and meet. She prepares a small but fluid and natural speech; about what you do, seek and offer. Select the most relevant events for you. 

All people are important and opportunities often come from the ones you would never have imagined. 

Save and organize all the contacts, recognize your potential clients, make a list of them and start following them on social networks. The idea is to keep communication active to establish solid relationships.

You can also start with real estate networking on LinkedIn, it is a professional network that helps you to contact different professionals so that you can establish contacts from now on. 

What is not real estate networking?

Do not offer your services; at least not at first. The objective of Networking is to create relationships, focus on getting to know, obtain updated information on the real estate market and start friendly conversations. 

Do not abuse time: We are all busy, if someone agrees to talk with you, omit the story of your life and consider the topics of common interest clearly and objectively. 

Don’t try too hard to make a good impression. Prepare your own success story to tell it genuinely at the right time; a forced or unnatural image does not generate strong relationships. 

How to use social networks for real estate networking? 

Social networks are a powerful tool, to reach many people and find similar interests. You can start with LinkedIn, it is a social platform focused on business and work trajectories. 

Your profile is the first impression and your cover letter, everything starts from creating a LinkedIn profile according to your personality and vision. You can start with the profile picture; although, the fact of smiling does not take away the formality or professionalism of your work. 

A smile manages to attract and even captivate your audience, they are 7 times more likely to visit your profile if you show a smile. 

Smile naturally and make sure you take the photo with good resolution and a neutral background. Customize the header image according to your professional career; you can create it in JPG, GIF or PNG; which should not exceed 4 MB between 1000 × 425 and 4000 × 4000 pixels. 

Less is more: Summary of your work history 

You have 120 characters as a limit to summarize what your professional career is. It’s a good time to get creative and edit your headline with your current work. Use a call to action to encourage the audience to contact you, put your email, website or mobile number in the summary box. 

Show your style in a genuine way. Explain your functions and outstanding achievements such as managing personnel, achieving objectives, testimonials from satisfied clients and if possible, reinforce it with figures. 

Put your entire work history in short, clear and specific sentences. If you have chosen to work in the tourism real estate sector; then you must place your knowledge in English. Take the free EF online English test and have your score certified directly on your profile.

Get recommendations to increase confidence 

An invaluable strategy in Real Estate Networking are recommendations. You can get them through your contacts, former bosses, or clients so that they share what your way of working is like and highlight your qualities in order to generate greater confidence among your potential clients. 

Don’t forget to do the same with your contacts!

Start following influencers 

Surely you have an influential contact in the real estate market, start following him; however, do not limit yourself to only following the audience of your sector; broaden your horizons and seek more contacts from other areas. 


Executing real estate networking requires time and perseverance, maintaining active communication is key to establishing solid relationships; as well as the proper use of your social networks. 

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