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Key Points to Check in a House for Sale

House for Sale

Buying a new home can be an overwhelming process. Being a high investment and a long-term commitment, one needs to be sure of their decision to be satisfied.

There are very obvious aspects, such as the size of the floor, and others that are difficult to appreciate, such as the insulation or the foundation. In this article we will talk about the key points to consider when evaluating a house.


 They can be on the floor, walls or ceilings. You have to evaluate the quality of the material, the size of the format and the quality of installation. 


The kitchen is a point that draws a lot of attention, but the most important thing is its functionality. Look for work areas to have enough space to maneuver. Consider opening doors to fixtures, the work area, storage areas, and a good view. 


The closet is a very important space for women. take into account your type of clothing to analyze the format. There are those who wear many suits, jackets or dresses that need to be hung and those who wear clothes that can go in a drawer. Footwear and accessories such as bags, jewelry, hats or ties need their place. (Tip: consider the free height to the slab to store above)


The quality of the doors is defined in several aspects; Design, height, finish, structure, hinges and sheet metal. A tall and heavy door gives a very different feeling than a line one.

Equipment (AC. Panels, Cistern, Boilers, Pool)

It is necessary to evaluate if the house already includes or has preparation for the different equipment. Special attention must be paid to the climates and the pool, since if they were not considered, it is much more expensive to add them than if they had been planned from the beginning.


The size and quality of the windows say a lot about a house. A floor-to-ceiling window gives a very different feel than a standard size window. A duo-vent is thermally and acoustically better than a single vent. A PVC profile transmits less cold or heat than an aluminum one.

ceiling lights

A panel gives a different finish than direct slab. Lets have a design in the sky. They can be drywall, wood, phenolic panels, PVC, etc. (Tip: Many people use to glue imitation wood ceramics or porcelain tiles in outdoor areas, this can become very dangerous if it falls.)  


It is a difficult aspect to notice, but the body feels it. Having a clearance height of 3.20 is a very different feeling than 2.80. The lamps are at a different distance, the lighting from windows reaches further, and the space will feel more spacious. Don’t just consider m2 but m3!


There are houses that already include a garden design or even an irrigation system. Consider the type of plants, size of trees and maintenance that this garden will represent. The same garden can represent for someone the best place in the house, or the greatest burden.

Not Visible:


There are many types of insulators, they can go on the ceiling, on walls, or on the floor. It is an aspect that if you do not ask, you will not notice until the day you deal with it. It can make the difference between a comfortable home or martyrdom.


Waterproofing is a difficult subject to check until it is put to the test. Prefabricated systems are better than liquid ones. As much as possible, try to check the roof for blemishes. (Tip: The retaining walls and pavement must also have a system to prevent moisture)


The structure of a house can be taken as a design detail, especially if it is made of steel. Oversized ruffles or clears can look very nice but cause vibrations that, even if they don’t fail, can crack the finishes. Ask them to give you a structural calculation.


The structure is an impossible subject to see in a finished house. Ask for the plans and preferably for photos. The dimensions, amount of concrete and steel are of paramount importance. There are many bad practices of making a foundation that is shallower than required in order to save a little. (Tip: Research the reputation of the builder)

Installations (Plumbing, Electrical, Voice and Data)

It is another difficult topic to review, but where there may be differences from one house to another. The caliber of the wiring, copper and pvc pipes represent a significant difference in cost, but the bill is passed on to you later. A spec drawing and the builder’s reputation will help a lot.

Buying a new home can seem like a difficult and tedious process, but the whole process will be much easier if you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

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