Protecting Yourself with a Professional Roofing Company

Professional Roofing Company

When it comes to making sure you, your home and your finances are protected there is really no such thing as being overly cautious. Too many roofing companies out there do not have the training, experience, or even a license. When you are looking for a top roofing company, Austin, you need to consider some important factors so that you are covered. It is also true that even honest and experienced roofers can make mistakes, so you need to protect yourself in case it happens to you. Here are 4 easy things you can do to look after your home, your money and keep your stress levels down.

1) Make sure they have roofers compensation

You need to make sure that any company you use for roofing Austin have roofer’s compensation. This is a specific type of insurance for roofers. Should you hire a contractor to fix your roof and an employee of theirs while up there slips and falls, because perhaps they did not follow proper safety rules, they could make you pay for the expenses for his medical care, since it happened on your property. 

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If they have roofers compensation they will have coverage for any injuries that might happen so should that accident happen the cost is not yours, those hospital bills will be covered by their insurance? Before you hire someone, make sure they have that insurance. Anyone who tells you they never have accidents so do not need it, you should be very wary.

2) Ask about liability insurance

Also, ask roofing contractors about liability insurance. Let’s say your roof is left uncovered after they have taken off some shingles and there is an unexpected storm. Damage happens. Water gets into the home, damages not just the sheetrock but even some furniture, a run and so on. With no liability insurance, you are going to have to pay for and deal with the damage yourself. 

Some contractors have some liability insurance but certain things might not have coverage. These exclusions can sometimes add up to so many things that nothing is really going to be paid for should something happen through the fault of the roofer. Look for decent liability insurance in your roofing company Austin.

3) Check they have a license to install roofs

Always always check that anyone you want to hire has a license to fix and lay roofs where you live. No license should mean you cross them off your potential list. If after a few months of your new roof you notice there is a problem, perhaps you have a leak, and they are not a licensed business, you cannot make them do anything about this. You will have to find someone else for the repairs and the costs are all on you. A licensed company for roofing Austin is the best choice you can make.

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Some general contractors are legally allowed to do roofing installations when they are the owner of a general contractor license. But being a general contractor does not mean they have experience or much understanding about roof repairs and installations. Therefore it would be an extra source of protection to see if they also have a roofing license as well as a general one.

4) Ask for a lien waiver

There have been situations where homeowners have had work done, the contractor is gone and sometime later the suppliers the contractor used for all the materials call them demanding payment. Some contractors do it knowingly, some enter hard times. But if they do not pay their supplier bills those people can come to you and you are responsible for the bills. That is why it is sensible to ask for a lien waiver once the job is complete but before you pay the roofing company Austin. It is a statement the contractor agrees to that states if they fail to pay their suppliers, you are not responsible for them. That way you do not face having to pay twice for those materials. Remember to get it before you pay them anything at the end of the job.


It might feel awkward at first, asking these contractors to show you paperwork, agree to certain things before you come to any agreement on the job, but it is important to protect yourself. While not all contractors for roofing, Austin are untrustworthy, some sadly are. Rather than becoming one of those bad stories you hear about people who have work not done, damaged belongings, medical expenses to pay on injuries or people chasing them from the suppliers, you can set it up so you are protected as best as you can be. Just remember the decent and professional honest contractors will not mind being asked any of this.

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