What to Consider When Finding the Best Roofer

Finding the Best Roofer

If you are looking to have a completely new roof put on your home, or need some repairs made, you should look for a professional and honest roofer. If you are new to this search or have not had the best of luck in the past, here are some tips on what to consider when finding a legitimate roofing contractor, Austin.

Where are they based?

It is always a good idea to find a contractor who has worked in your area before, is local to where you want the work done. If they are local they cannot scam people and you tend to get a better level of service.

Do they offer references?

Any contractor worth trusting will offer references from former happy clients for you to check out. These clients should be happy to recommend the contractor’s services and answer any questions you have about how they worked, did they stick to deadlines, did they clean up, is the work still holding out? If a contractor tries to suggest that the privacy of their clients means they cannot offer references from them, ask them for business references. This means a supplier or someone they do business with. You can ask about the quality of materials they use, how often they have supplied them, do they pay on time?

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What is their process for taking care of complaints?

Sometimes issues come up even with a roofer, Austin who has the best of intentions. How do they handle complaints? Do they have past clients who had an issue that was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction?

What do they expect when it comes to payment terms?

What terms of payment do they set? Do they ask for a down payment and then the rest once the finish the job? Never use a contractor that asks for full payment before they start.

Do they draw a contract up in writing?

Always expect a written contract. Never agree to something only verbally.

Are they bonded?

A roofing contractor Austin should be bonded. Things can go wrong with repairs and installations and should it happen to you, you will feel happier that insisted on a bonded contractor. It means they have the funds to fix it.

Is there a warranty?

Materials of good quality should come with some form of a warranty. Ask for a copy of that to make sure.

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How much experience do they have?

Look at the experience they have had in the industry as well as how long that business itself has been going. Ideally, you want the latter one to have been around for more than three years. While it does not completely rule out newer businesses and contractors, it is something to think about. Balance out the length of experience with other factors like referrals, license and such.

Do they know what permits they need?

A decent roofer, Austin or anywhere should know what permits they need for the work you require. They should know where to get them and how long it takes to obtain them.

Do they have certificates of insurance for worker’s comp and liability?

These are important to make sure you are protected in case of damage to your home caused by the contractor or cost of treatment should a worker hurt themselves on your property. They should be able to provide those for you to see before they start.

Do they employ subcontractors?

Some contractors will employ the services of subcontractors once they have a job, often when they have taken on more work than they can handle. That means you need to know that all the things you have checked about your roofing contractor, Austin apply to the subcontractor too. Experience, skill, licenses, insurance and so on.

Are there any pending legal actions against them?

Check to see if there is any legal action against the contractor before you hire them. Not just to check on their legitimacy but also because if they lose that lawsuit they could be losing a lot of money and they might cut corners with you, or not complete work if they end up bankrupt. 

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Will they take care of the waste once the work is done?

It might seem like a small thing, but clearing up after themselves is a part of the work and you should not have to add on this additional cost.

Are they a member of a national or even local roofing association?

It is preferable to have a contractor that is a member of a roofing association whether local or national. They are held to higher standards and rely on having a good reputation.


Fixing or replacing a roof is an investment and with the latter often a sizable one too. That means you should take the time to do some research and ask some questions before you choose a roofer Austin. Remember to get a written contract, check they are licensed and insured, do not pay in full upfront and you should be fine!

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