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How To Pick Fixtures For Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can be an exhausting process: Not only is living in a construction zone stressful, but also there are a multitude of decisions to make. Take, for example, the bathroom fixtures. From faucets to sinks to shower heads, fixtures can make or break the overall look of a space. How do you know which ones to choose? What’s the best way to give your bathroom a cohesive look? Researching your choices and comparing different options takes time, but, as anyone who’s been dreaming of a new bathroom knows, it’s time that’s all worthwhile in the end. When your finished bath looks and feels the way you’ve been hoping it would, you’ll be glad you invested in products that were right for you.

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To guide you through the steps of creating a bathroom you’ll love for the long haul, here are important tips for choosing the right fixtures:

1. Use one source to match your fixtures.

To coordinate your bathroom elements in the easiest way possible, try using a single manufacturing source to find all your products. Coordinate all your finishes so that every hard surface, including light fixtures, towel bars, door hardware, faucets, etc.—match and create a cohesive feel in the room. Keep in mind polished finishes take more upkeep, and brushed finishes are better at hiding water spots.  

2. Focus on timeless finishes.

Shop around bathroom products today, and you’ll see finishes are exploding. From polished chrome to brushed chrome, nickel to steel to bronze, there’s something for everyone. For a remodel with the most staying power, however, choose finishes that will remain in style for years to come. If you absolutely love a current trend, use it in less prominent areas such as your shower head or faucet. For everything else, stick to classics. Consider the benefits of brushed stainless steel, for example, which is low maintenance and classic. For the tub and toilet, avoid cream finishes that have yellow undertones; they tend to age poorly and look outdated quickly. 

3. Pick quick-install models to boost convenience.

If you’re looking to maximize efficiency in your remodeling project, look for fixtures that incorporate the latest technology to make them easier and faster to install—saving you time in the process. Some examples include quick-install faucets, two- or three-piece molded showers and pre-assembled shower doors. By not requiring grout, these installations take less time and money to put in, without sacrificing quality aesthetics. 

4. Be aware of the trends.

While trends can come and go, understanding them can help you know what other homeowners are picking and why. Currently trending in the bathroom design world, for example, are higher faucets that allow for more space in the sink, textured finishes that coordinate with natural colors and anything that boosts durability. Stainless steel sinks, thanks to their ability to last for a long time, could be a trend worth choosing. 

5. Incorporate efficiency for cost and water savings.

Before you rule out a small toilet, take a look at how models have changed. Today you can get a 1.6-gallon toilet with technology to beat larger models. In fact, there are even smaller, one-gallon models that reduce water consumption further. Going with a smaller, water-saving model is a great way to add sustainability to your home. Other eco-friendly bathroom fixtures that minimize waste include eco-performance faucets and shower heads.

6. Consider the benefits of ADA compliance.

As more and more homeowners plan to age in place in their homes, bathroom features such as grab bars, pressure-balanced tubs and higher toilets are all growing in popularity. Whether you want to be able to stay in your home long-term or you just hope to appeal to the largest audience when the time comes to sell, these fixtures make sense.

7. Include a bathtub.

While a large number of people rely on showers for their daily routines today, that’s not to say bathtubs are out. Anyone who’s spent some time soaking away their cares understands the comfort of a bathtub at home. Likewise, whether you have children yourself or want to appeal to buyers when it’s time to sell, a tub is a must. Look for one that’s at least two feet deep for the most comfort and convenience.

8. Don’t overlook a little luxury.

As long as you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may as well give yourself the spa-like features of your dreams. A massage shower, a jetted tub, heated floors and/or a hand shower are all perfect opportunities to turn your bathroom into more of a retreat space. 

As you’re taking time to evaluate different bathroom fixture options, remind yourself it’s an investment—an important step towards creating the finished room you love. To ensure you pick fixtures that work well in your new bath, use the tips above to guide your decision-making process!

AUTHOR BIO: Carmen Fiordirosa is Vice President of Marketing for Gerber, a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen and bathroom plumbing products. Fiordirosa, who has more than 18 years of experience in the marketing industry, focuses on earning the trust of trade professionals and homeowners alike who find value in products that have both style and substance.



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