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How To Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling It?

How To Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling It

If you are thinking of selling your home this year, this article is for you. Find out how to value your property before you put it up for sale.

Whether for the monetary value involved or the appreciation that we usually have for our home, selling a house is not easy.

However, despite the emotional burden involved, selling a home is, above all, a business transaction. And as in any business, we always want to sell our product at the best price.

Manufactured homes are often built to meet or exceed state and federal building codes, and can be customized with various finishes and features. They are transported to the home site on a trailer and placed on a foundation, either permanently or semi-permanently. Once set up, manufactured homes are typically connected to utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer systems.

Home remodelling is a cost versus value task. You need to plan your budget and do what’s obtainable for a higher house value. Check out our top tips for your remodelling:

  • Consider if the refurbishment you need to do is a worthy investment: Think of what you can do within the time and budget you have. It won’t make any sense to spend all your money on renovating your home to sell it at a lesser value.
  • You may not need an extensive upgrade to make a good impression: Small and strategic add-ins can create the perfect redesign you need. For instance, including crown mouldings, hanging planters, and other artistic upgrades can do the trick. Under-cabinet lighting can make your space look like those you fancy in a magazine, plus it is affordable and simple to install.
  • Seek ways to cut back on the cost of renovation: The materials you need for a home upgrade may be expensive, though it depends on the kind of refurbishment you want. But you can get a good bargain at second-hand stores and local bargain centres. There you can get the materials you need at half the price of a local home improvement store.
  • Some spaces are investment-worthy: While it may seem like a whole lot of money and time goes into working up spaces that may not give back money-value, you should know that certain upgrades are worth it. 

How much do renovations increase home value?

The perk of having a remodelled home goes beyond aesthetics to include comfort, convenience, lifestyle fit, and ease of movement.

People want to live in a modern and functional home with an attractive interior and exterior.

Homebuyers are always looking for something that will catch their eye—refurbishing the entire house or just a part of it like the kitchen creates that ‘wow factor’ that will etch a pleasant memory on a potential buyer’s mind and make them want to buy your home.

So you are offering what every home buyer wants when you stylishly redesign your home to carry high-end modern fixtures and fittings. With all these in place, you can ask for a higher price for a home sale, and it will be well worth it.

How to start your home renovation

The following home remodelling ideas will intensify the appeal and comfort your home provides:

  • Repaint and fix up: Chipped paint and tired-looking walls can come back to life with a fresh coat of paint. No potential home buyer will love to start fixing up old walls when they move in. If you have leaky taps, cracks or small leaks, for example, this is the time to deal with them. If there are holes on the walls, fill them up before painting. 

The walls and the doors and windows are some of the most visible things inside the house, so we advise you to give a general painting before putting your property on sale. The tip, in this case, is to bet on neutral colours, never use vibrant or darker colours. Shades of grey, beige, or even white variations are the most suitable colours to balance the property’s decoration and make any future buyer more comfortable. These colours will give a greater sense of cleanliness, and more light to the house rooms, making them appear broader.

  • Rearrange and redecorate: Rearrange furniture to make spaces less cluttered. Then, consider placing plants or some decorative pieces that make the areas more pleasant.

Something that is always very important is to create an excellent first impression. Arrange the furniture in your house in a way to optimise the space. 

  • Remodel the Kitchen: A spacious and renovated kitchen is one of the most valued elements when choosing a home. Often, from small things like touching up the cabinet doors with a different shade, changing taps, drawer handles to more significant changes like replacing the kitchen floor with a more modern one, can increase your home’s value.

Always consider the cost of a kitchen refurbishment before starting. This is because recouping money spent on expensive kitchen upgrades like adding granite countertops or Stainless-Steel appliances may not be easy.  

  • Don’t forget the Bathrooms: What is a home redesign without bathroom renovations? Potential home buyers will love an up-to-date bathroom, especially when they are sufficient in number. Not enough and outdated bathrooms are a turnoff which makes bathroom renovations very important. 

Bathroom fixtures and fittings like sinks, showers, curtains, lighting etc. should be up to standard. Ensure that any bathroom upgrade you do have a clean design and modern lines. Let the showers be spacious and improve bathroom lighting for clear vision, especially at night. Your bathroom remodel can have original elements, but it shouldn’t be in excess. 

  • Add Energy-Efficient Windows: In some home remodelling cases, you may have to replace the windows for more ventilation and better lighting. For instance, a modern double-glazed window will make the room comfortable and offer huge energy savings.

Paint the windows to match the colour of the exterior walls and doors to give a sweet outdoor appeal. If the existing windows are in great form, wash them up and wipe clean to remove dust and dirt.

  • Proper Landscaping: The view of your home from the road is an important factor determining how much value it has. In fact, the first thing a person will notice is your home exterior and landscape. A great curb appeal is said to attract a whopping 5% to the home’s value!

Maintain your lawn properly by pruning trees and shrubs and ensure the driveway (if any) is well paved. You can even place flowerpots or plant flowers along the pathways. Have challenges with gardening? Consider growing drought-tolerant plants. A colourful garden in an unused space on your property can enhance the landscape and attract potential buyers while upping your home’s value.

  • Stage your home: Okay, you now have a beautiful home, redesigned to taste, and you’re set to sell. Before you list, do well to stage your home. Research has shown that staged homes have an 88% chance of faster sales and 20% more than homes that are not staged. You can consult a stager to help you with this.

In Summary

In real estate, home remodelling is a huge factor that can increase your home sale value, especially when placing houses for sale in Celbridge. You can choose from simple to significant touch-ups to completely redesign your home and make it attractive to more potential buyers.

When you have several prospective buyers, the negotiating power is on your side, the side of the seller. Remember that one of the biggest mistakes in selling your home is trying to do it yourself. Give that task to a professional, and you will be sure to achieve the best results.

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