The Role of a Construction Manager

Construction Manager

A construction manager is one of the most important jobs on a construction site because that person keeps the entire project on track. But that’s not their only role. They actually have quite a few other responsibilities on a job site for which they are paid well. If you’re considering a construction manager job in the UK, be sure you understand exactly what that role entails to ensure you’re up to the challenge.

Construction Manager Job Overview

As a construction manager, you’ll oversee every stage of a construction project, from planning to completion. You’ll work closely with numerous other professionals such as architects, surveyors, and engineers to ensure the project is completed to the planned specifications, as well as to the building owner’s satisfaction. 

In addition, you will also supervise various workers on the job site, including the builders, contractors, tradespeople, and more. Your supervisory responsibilities will include keeping the workers safe and ensuring they make progress toward the final construction stage. You will identify production issues and report them to the various professionals who need to be involved in solving those problems.

Construction managers might be in charge of an entire construction project or a smaller part of a large-scale project, depending on the construction site’s needs. As a result, you may need to work as a part of a construction management team to successfully execute the project.

Construction Manager Responsibilities

No two construction jobs will be exactly alike for construction managers, which is why a lot of people like this role. It offers variety on a daily basis so you’re unlikely to get bored with your duties. At any given job site, you may have some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Organise the work schedule
  • Plan the budget
  • Oversee the purchase of materials and equipment
  • Hire and manage workers for the project
  • Supervise workers and monitor contractors and subcontractors
  • Inspect work and perform quality control
  • Keep the project on time and on budget by establishing benchmarks, analysing costs, and monitoring progress
  • Check in with architects, surveyors, and engineers to ensure the project is following the plan
  • Promote a safe working environment by establishing safety protocols and performing safety inspections
  • Communicate with all stakeholders on the project’s progress
  • Communicate with and coordinate consultants, subcontractors, inspectors, planners, and other parties involved in the project
  • Write reports
  • Handle unexpected problems

Salary and Working Environment

The salary for a construction manager varies widely, but generally ranges between £33,000 per year for entry level managers to more than £85,000 per year for experienced and senior managers. Your specific salary may be on a per-project basis as well, and will vary by project scale and location. You may also receive additional benefits including a company car and cell phone, gym memberships, pension, a travel allowance, and more. 

A construction manager’s working environment is also varied because it depends on the type of construction site you’re managing. It could be indoors or outdoors, commercial, residential, or industrial, infrastructural or environmental. You might work during the day on commercial or residential projects, but at night for infrastructure projects. 

There might be times when you work a standard 40-hour work week and times when you have to put in significant overtime to meet goals. Travel will be required between job sites and you may spend some of your work days in an office, but most of your time will be spent on the job site. 


A construction manager job is a role that offers leadership opportunities, a varied work day, and a decent salary. It’s an excellent job for anyone who wants to be involved with improving their community through construction.

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