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5 Tips to Create more space in your Living Room

Create more space in your Living Room

Living rooms are spaces where we hang out or seat guests when they are over. They may have other uses, but the living room is the true heart of any home. It is the first place we think of when we have to decorate homes. It is a versatile space as well as it fulfils different uses – relaxing after a day, entertaining guests or using the space anyway you like. Some people even allow kids to play in the area. So, in short, the living room is the centre. 

Not all homes have large living room spaces and because it is the centre, a spacious living room can add to the ambience of the home. Follow the tips to decorate homes in a way that adds more space to your living room. Together they create the living room or the different spaces with the other rooms if you are an open space owner. 

Small spaces are often dark and adding darker colors absorb light. This makes any space look smaller. In order to make the room look bright and airy, add white paint to the walls. It will reflect the light in the room and make it look spacious. If white isn’t your thing, then use light or pastel shades. If the living room has entry points for natural light, don’t block it. Use light airy curtains or semi-sheer shades to allow entry of more light. Have fun with light colors and use brightly colored patterns to add personality to the room.

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  • Seating and furniture

A small living room can have space for storage and multipurpose furniture adds the right value to it. Think of underutilised areas to add storage space such as the little space behind the couch or add built-in shelves to the walls. Use low seating options to make the ceiling look higher and create an illusion of space. There are multipurpose furniture pieces such as a sofa that converts into a bed at night, small ottomans that can go under a coffee table or small tables that can expand into a dining table when needed. Use floating or wall-mounted pieces to get room for breathing. Furniture such as tables made of transparent materials like acrylic can visually open up a room.

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  • Mirrors and floor plan

Mirrors always make a room appear larger and are one of the most used tricks to decorate homes. They reflect natural light and make a living space larger than what it actually is. The room becomes more inviting and brighter. Place a large mirror opposite the entryway or window to get the illusion of depth. Walls with mirror panels add volume to a room, making it look spacious and accommodating.

house plan is a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as the dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.

  • Rugs and carpet

A rug size can impact a room’s appearance and proportion. Use a rug that covers either all or at least the 1st two legs of the furniture. This is known as anchoring the living room. Large rugs in bold patterns make the room bigger. Small rugs can break up the room floor, so its use isn’t advisable. Using furniture pieces for corner seating with rugs make the room feel larger than it is. But avoid dark and heavy rugs.

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  • Art and visuals

Choose the right art pieces not only for your personality but to add space. Use a piece which can take up three-fourths or two-thirds of a wall to create proportion and a focal point. When you have a small living room, it can be easy to add a small work of art. But this can make the room feel small and closed. Use lighting sources at different levels, boldly accented wallpapers or an eye-catching gallery wall. These will draw the interest elsewhere and not focus on the tight space.

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