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Locations and Conditions of the Land


When looking for a piece of land, there are several factors that will affect the design, price and distribution of your house . The most obvious aspects are going to be location, ground conditions and size ; These directly affect the price of the land, but do not necessarily affect the construction.

The characteristics that change the design will be the ones that matter most to the architects, such as: shape, slope, orientation, location within the street, geology to name a few.

  • Shape: A house with a lot of frontage and little depth, looks better than one with little frontage and a lot of depth. A rectangular plot is easier , but a bit more boring than an irregular shape. 
  • Slope : A terrain with a slope against a flat one represents an extra cost in foundations . Also a sloped terrain will have better views than a flat one. Within sloped terrain, it can be ascending or descending. Descending tends to have a better distribution.
  • Orientation : The facade to the south or west are the hottest, you have to take care of the exposure of the entrance and large windows . Over time, the sun deteriorates many materials.
  • Location within the street : There are different formats. Between two houses, on the corner, next to a park, double front, without neighbors behind, etc. Corner houses will look much better by having 3 facades instead of 2 .
  • Geology : Although it is a subject that requires a professional study, it is necessary to consider a common sense of whether the land is in some fill area, if there are streams of water, if there is a lot of stone, etc. This will greatly affect the excavation and foundation of the house.

Conditions on land of UNIT projects.

All of these features heavily influence the build, but we rarely see them influence the price much. It is important to seek advice from an architect / builder to know the advantages and disadvantages of each piece of land.

As an example of our latest residential projects, this is what each lot looked like.

Cordillera : Rectangular, slightly ascending, facing North, in a corner next to a park, on a soft stone terrain

Farms : Trapezium that opened to the bottom of the land, slightly ascending, facing North, without a neighbor behind, hard stone and difficult to break

Rio Bravo : Rectangular, flat, oriented to the East, in a corner, soft fill land

Bosquencinos : Rectangular, descending, oriented to the North, in a corner next to the right of way, with a geology complicated by subterranean water currents.

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