Different Stages of a Commercial Construction Project

Different Stages of a Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction projects vary depending on their size, budget, number of stakeholders, and delivery date. This makes commercial construction a long and demanding process. Each project comprises of different phases that include certain steps and stages. It could take months even years to build a commercial project. 

Generally, the complexity of your project depends on its type and size. But every commercial project undergoes certain phases and stages. These are the stages that can make or break your project.

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Whether you are constructing a simpler building or a complex skyscraper, you should be mindful of these phases. You can ensure a successful outcome by paying attention to these core stages.

1.Project Conception

The conception of a project is the first stage where the dream begins. This is the initial stage that starts with an idea and searches for the right location. It may take from a few days to months or years. The project conception entirely depending on the needs and desires of the project owner.

The construction company or workers aren’t involved in this stage. As the idea starts to develop, the search for the right Commercial Construction Company starts.

2.Design Development

Design development is the stage where the work on the construction project starts. This is still an initial stage and nothing is guaranteed at this phase. This is a stage where the owner, construction company and designers sit down to talk. You have to ensure that everything is according to rules and regulations.

The design has to meet the needs and requirements of the owner. Furthermore, the structure has to be easy-to-build and useable. Usually, engineers and architects make sure that the design is meeting all the requirements.

3.Hiring a Contractor

The hiring of a Commercial Construction company or contractor is a crucial step. You can hire a contractor before or after the design development stage. Some owners hire the contractors before in order to involve them in the design development process. You can hire a contractor either by interviewing them personally or through the bidding process.

4.The Pre-Construction Stage 

The pre-construction stage involves a project team and a detailed survey. The project team is usually put together after selecting the contractor. This team uptakes the task of preparing a commercial site before the construction begins. It typically comprises of the following specialists:

  • Contract administrator
  • Project manager
  • Superintendent
  • Field engineer
  • Health & safety manager

The project team works in close collaboration with the contractor and visit the construction site. It is responsible for a complete and detailed site examination before the work starts.

Responsibilities of the Project Team

During the site examination, the project team does a detailed survey. It tries to predict or detect any possible environmental challenges that may arise during the construction process. Once the survey and inspection are completed, the finding along with all plans are submitted to the authorities. 

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City authorities review the reports and plans which usually takes time. All opinions and concerns are heard and addressed during this process.

5.The Procurement Stage

After getting confirmation from the authorities, the project team starts working. The team starts procuring the workforce, equipment, and obtain the necessary materials. Procurement can be challenging or relaxing depending on the start date, availability of the resources, and project size.

All the big construction companies have a procurement department which makes it an easy process. Companies usually order materials, equipment, and labor at once when the construction kick starts. Mostly, the general contractor is responsible for the procurement stage but subcontractors are also involved. Usually, the subcontractors are accountable to procure their own material or hire their own labor.

6.The Construction Stage

Before the construction stage, the project team usually calls a meeting. The team ensures in this meeting that everyone is clear about his role and is on the same page. Normally, the following four topics are included in this meeting:

  1. Where and how to store the materials
  2. How teams and labors will access the job site
  3. The quality control of the project
  4. Working hours for different teams and departments

Depending on the role, each project agent may have a different working schedule. The subcontractors often have a varying schedule depending on the job they have to complete. You should also note that each worker and labor may also be working on a fixed time or on rotation.

This is the most crucial and important stage of any commercial construction project. Any delays or bad planning can disturb the budget and/or completion date.

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Last Word

Planning is key for any commercial construction project regardless of their sizes. Working and paying attention to each of the above-mentioned stages could ensure a successful outcome. These stages allow you to plan your commercial construction project wisely and ahead of time. You can complete your project on time by carefully carrying out these important stages.

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