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Outdoor Upgrades to Boost Rental Property Value

Rental Property Value

Nothing gets visitors and prospective tenants more excited to enter a home than stellar curb appeal. When it comes to adding value and making your home appealing, the exterior is as essential as the interior. However, with so many options, are you stuck wondering which options will reap the most reward? If so, this article on outdoor upgrades to boost rental property value is what you need. Further, you can talk to an experienced property manager at https://www.baymgmtgroup.com/philadelphia/

Tips for Improving Existing Landscaping

  • Minimize the Clutter 

There’s a reason the saying, less is more, is so popular. Sometimes too much clutter can make your home’s exterior look tacky or vulgar. That can especially be disastrous for landlords trying to appeal to as many people as possible. If you need more  tips for millennials who want to invest in real estate, click right here: https://www.vsconstructions.org/tips-for-millennials-who-want-to-invest-in-real-estate/ 

Start by taking out anything that interrupts the flow of your garden. For instance, you might think the miniature gnomes on the front lawn are cute, but they’re not for everyone. In addition, do you need 11 different types of plants? Several of which may be high maintenance and constantly struggling. 

After taking a nuanced look at your property, you’ll be able to weed out the clutter quickly, leaving you with a minimalist but elegant view. 

  • Prioritize Soil Health 

Next up, you need to prioritize your soil’s health. Nothing screams unkempt and uninviting than a struggling yard with rows of brown grass. However, it’s not enough to add watering to your to-do list. You need to maintain the soil’s richness by aerating and increasing the nutrients by adding mulch to your lawn. 

  • Maintain the Yard

While working on your lawn’s inner health, you should do your best to maintain its outward appearance. Grab a rake, get rid of fallen leaves and debris, and don’t forget to mow your lawn. A neatly kept lawn could make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Upgrades that Boost Curb Appeal/Value 

  • Patio Hardscaping

If you’re looking to spruce up your property with a worthwhile upgrade, consider installing a patio. This update can improve your home’s ROI by 80%. It’s become a trendy attraction because it allows residents to entertain guests in the great outdoors. It also provides an opportunity for you to connect with nature from the comfort of a shaded area. 

  • Repainting the Exterior

Adding a fresh coat of paint will never go out of style. Additionally, it allows you to adopt new paint trends if your home’s current color is outdated. A fresh pop of color could invigorate your home’s outlook with much-needed vibrancy. Besides the aesthetic value, repainting also offers you protection from the weather, pests, and dust. 

  • A New Front Door

Update your home further by replacing your old and worn-out front door. A new entryway is precisely what you need to prompt your guests and prospects before stepping inside the house. Opt for something with gold hardware if you’re going for a modern look. Fiberglass front doors offer an elegant design without the necessary maintenance of wood. However, if you’re trying to maximize light, go with a glass one. 

  • Extra Lighting

Speaking of lighting, your yard could use some too. Well-placed lights can highlight the beauty of your garden at night, giving it a welcoming glow. It also improves security around the house by dissuading robbers and vandals. If you’re worried that the extra bulbs will run up your electric bill, you should opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs. 

  • Planter Boxers

Maintaining a garden requires a tremendous amount of effort and patience. However, if you’re unwilling to put in the work but would still like to reap the aesthetics, opt for planter boxes. These containers can hold rows of flowers, herbs, or vegetables. With one or two, you could cultivate native or perennial flowers. Additionally, you could grow low-maintenance veggies like radishes, tomatoes, peppers, or herbs. 


The takeaway from this article is that there are outdoor upgrades that boost your rental property value at any budget. Everyone wants to feel at ease when they get home, so spruce up your property with some of these tips. If you’re on a tight budget, start by improving your existing landscape. You’ll be surprised how much difference minimizing the clutter and maintaining your yard will make. Still, updating outdoor lighting and planter boxes are low-cost solutions that can make a big difference in improving your home’s appeal. Further, if you have the money to spare or don’t mind taking out a renovation loan for a worthwhile investment, opt for large projects with a higher ROI. Patios, new front doors, and a fresh coat of paint can liven up your house and attract more potential tenants. 

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