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Importance of roof maintenance 2022

roof maintenance

Your vehicle needs regular maintenance like oil service or tire change. But it’s the same requirement for roofs?

Our team here at Roofpro roofers Dublin has been repairing, replacing, installing, and maintaining roofs in the Dublin area for 20 years. We always let our customers know about the importance of roof maintenance. And we never shy away from educating the local public about the art of roofing. 

In this roofing article, you’ll find what roof maintenance is, how a roof is maintained, and why roof maintenance is important. Factors like preventative measures, maximizing your roof’s life span, and giving you peace of mind will show how crucial it is to your roof.  

What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance is checking of all the vulnerable areas on a roof that could be susceptible to having a roof problem. Depending on the type of roof, whether it be small residential or large commercial, it will be annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance. 

When your local Dublin roofing contractor comes out to do roof maintenance there are certain things they check right away. Below is a list of 6 of the most common ways your roofer maintains your roof:

Why is roof maintenance important?

Investing in roof maintenance goes a long way for your roofs lifespan. Even with a properly installed roof, it’s important that you have at least an annual maintenance inspection by a Dublin roofer. 

When you get an annual roof maintenance inspection potential problems are caught early, your roof’s life is maximized, and you get peace of mind for you and your family. 

Roof maintenance prevents near future problems 

The most important reason for having your roof maintained is preventative measures. A minor issue that’s left unattended can turn into a major roof problem in just a matter of a year or two, maybe even less.

For example, if they find a crack in a roof tile, it’s a simple and inexpensive fix. But if it isn’t caught because you don’t get regular roof maintenance, it can cause more costly interior damage. 

The same goes if you have birds in your attic. Trying to get them out is one thing, but the nesting they leave behind gets extremely expensive. When your roof has maintenance, a roofing contractor can catch the problem and will prevent the birds from getting into the attic or make it so hard for them that they give up on your home. 

With roof maintenance, you can head off a lot of expensive cost on the front end by your roofing contractor finding potential problems during the inspection. 

Roof maintenance maximizes the lifespan of your roof

Something as simple as annual roofing maintenance will maximize your roof’s life for longer lasting. When you first get your new tile or slate roof installed, depending on the materials, you’re expecting to get at least 25 years minimum out of it. Regular roof maintenance ensures you get that or more. 

Depending on how often you get it done, you’ll get a report that lets you know what stage your roof is in and how much life span it has left. Remember, just like your car needs an oil service, your roof needs regular check-ups by a professional.

If you want to protect your roof’s lifespan, maintenance is essential

Having your roof maintained gives you peace of mind

Something that’s always mentioned when it comes to your roof investment is peace of mind. Just like a properly installed roof, regular roof maintenance is going to give you that. 

A local roof repairs Dublin contractor can catch the problem before it leads to a costly expense or even a gutter repairs Dublin services will prevent any future problems

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