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Find out how to rent your home faster with these tips

Find out how to rent your home faster with these tips

Having trouble finding a suitable tenant for your home or apartment? Then you are in the right place since today we tell you how to rent your home before with these tips and keys.

How to rent your home faster?

The first thing you should know is that there is no secret formula to rent more and better. It is about using common sense and following the advice given by experts and real estate companies.

Put yourself in the tenant’s place: Would you rather live in a place that seems dark and cold and have to make arrangements, or a property that is warm and inviting?

Photos of your property will be the starting point for potential tenants, and they are likely to use them to decide whether or not to rent it.

But not only the image counts, and it is that as the saying goes “the woman of Caesar must not only be honored, but also appear so”, by this we mean that the house or apartment must appear new and for this it must be arranged.

To do this, heed these tips that will potentially increase your chances of renting your home.

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Detailed list of services and features of the house

One of the best ways to get your property to rent faster is to create a detailed and complete list of the positive points and characteristics of the apartment or house.

Make sure you are as specific and complete as possible; tenants generally know what they are looking for, and if your description meets all of their criteria, rest assured they will call you more times than another less-specific landlord.

Below, we detail some of the things you should mention when describing your property.

  • Exact dimensions of the rooms in square meters (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc.)
  • What is allowed and what is not, for example, pet restrictions.
  • Wood floors or carpets.
  • List of household appliances, services such as air conditioning, heating and their age.
  • Additional services (if any), such as a swimming pool, garage or storage room.
  • Discuss what the neighborhood is like and write down the connections and distance from the house to the stops of the nearby public transport such as bus or subway.

Maybe your rental property has a backyard and you’re in a neighborhood that doesn’t have these services. This is important, as we have seen with the coronavirus.

Whatever your home’s strengths are, highlight them and be sure to let potential tenants know.

Fix and reform the house

This part is key. Think that nobody wants to live in a house that has works every two by three. Not only because of the discomfort it causes but because of having to call you at all hours to take care of the breakdowns.

A good reform will save you headaches and time. And best of all, you are going to have your tenant happy. The first thing is to give a coat of paint to those rooms that need it.

The second is to change the bulbs and repair anything that is broken. In the case of reform materials, do not make a fudge, invest in quality materials.

It is better to leave things as they are than to make a half investment. The rooms that you must renovate yes or yes after a while are the kitchen and the bathroom.

A photograph is better than 1,000 words

Generally, the first thing that catches the attention of a house or property is the image. And it is that in a digital society like ours most of the properties are rented online, so it is important to have quality photographs.

For this, you have several options, do them yourself or hire a professional photographer who for a not very high amount will highlight the positive points of your home.

The good thing about taking the images is that you save money. However, think that the return you get for such an investment is well worth it.

Also, it is not advisable to take the images yourself unless you have some basic photography techniques. Do not think that having a mobile with a good camera is enough.

And it is that a good photographer is capable of taking images that make your house look like another. This is because they are able to make good use of light and are able to give images a warm touch and achieve quality images.

If you have knowledge and technique, go ahead, if not leave it in the hands of professionals.

Another possibility is to hire the services of a realtor to rent the house. These professionals have photography services and technologies such as virtual home staging , a technique capable of reproducing your home in 3D.

Change the furniture and appliances

If you’re having trouble renting your house or apartment, one problem may be that the appliances are outdated. A television, a good sofa and new furniture can work miracles, especially in the kitchen and living room.

Come to think of it, who wants to cook on gas when they could choose to cook on a ceramic stove?

The first thing is to update the most consuming appliances such as the fridge, the washing machine and the oven and those that are old. This will not only benefit you in less consumption than the tenant, it will also give an appearance of modern and attractive rental housing.

In the case of the kitchen, changing the furniture, the oven and the ceramic hob are essential. Having a good shower tray, a good mirror and a sink with a cabinet are key aspects when it comes to renting your home faster.

Bet on an energetic and sustainable house

Sustainability is in fashion. Not only out of respect for the environment and concern in society, but also for its economic and energy-saving advantages. And it is that having an energy category property type A or B will reduce the use of energy.

This will make your home more attractive to tenants. A few tricks to update your home and make it more sustainable is to change the windows, check the boiler every year, update the appliances with new ones of category A and repair the humidity in walls and ceilings.

Of course, painting the walls with varnish and anti-humidity paint will also help.

And with these tips we finish this article on how to get your house to rent earlier than normal . Remember, if you have doubts or do not know how to get a perfect tenant, do not hesitate and put yourself in our hands.

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