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5 Uses for a self-storage unit

self-storage unit

If you’re struggling for space in the house, you might be looking at renting an office or self-storage unit to stretch out. A lot of people also recommend using a storage unit when you’re trying to declutter or move, as it makes things that little bit easier to manage. 

However, other than the obvious use for a storage unit, what else can you do with one? Well, there are lots of uses. Here are five ways you can use a self-storage unit for things you might not have even thought of. 



Those that have found working from home over the past year tricky can actually head to their own office in a storage unit every day. Leaving the house can bring back a more structured work-day, and can rid you of home distractions. 

Whether it’s to continue your current job, work on a hobby, or for starting your own business, having this extra space gives you plenty of opportunities. Even if you continue to work from home but need somewhere to store stock for your new business, a storage unit is a great way to keep all your company materials in one place.


  • Personal gym


If you’re not the type to exercise in public and would much prefer to keep your red, sweaty appearance behind closed doors, you could create your own personal gym – for potentially much less than a gym membership! 

Having clunky machinery, weights, and dedicated space for working out at home can be difficult, but creating your own gym out of the house gives you no excuse. 


  • Storing a boat


Those that are lucky enough to take to the seas each year can keep their boat, jet skis, or kayaks in boat storage units. Make sure to winterize your vehicle before storage, though, so that you can get back to the ocean as soon as the hot weather strikes. 


  • Alcohol storage


Aging whiskies and wines can be kept in a temperature-controlled storage unit to keep them in perfect condition until you want to taste or sell them. A lot of money can be made from selling vintage alcohol, so why not give it a go?


  • A rehearsal studio


For those musically gifted, a storage unit could be the perfect place to rehearse with the band. You’ll need to make sure your storage company is okay with the noise but, other than that, you’re good to go! You’ll be able to jam whenever, and for however long you like, without annoying the neighbors or being interrupted by your parents. You could even look into soundproofing to help with the acoustics. 

There are so many ways to use a storage unit. In fact, one of the only things you can’t do is actually live there! If you’re finding it hard to stay focused at home or want a little more space that’s just for you, a storage unit can be a cheap, easy solution that doesn’t lead to long-term contracts and costly rent. 

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